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The Clean House
The Clean House

New Village Arts Theatre

Directed by Claudio Raygoza
Scenery by Brian Redfern
Lighting by Luke Olson
Costumes by Valerie Henderson
Sound by Kevin Anthenill


“Designer Brian Redfern’s impressive set lends depth and a suitably look-at-me grandeur to the interior digs."
James Hebert – San Diego Union Tribune

“This is one of the best productions of the year: everything works. Brian Redfern’s set is fabulous (I’m trying to negotiate a move-in)”
Jean Lowerison – San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

“Brian Redfern’s set has a tall white fireplace, white walls, and curtains. It’s so classy only someone with Virginia’s “dirt fetish” would want to keep it clean. And would react in horror when the fireplace becomes a balcony and half-eaten apples cascade down on the floor that becomes a “sea.” And would also react with awe when stuffing for a pillow becomes Alaskan snow, where Charles has gone to find a mystical yew tree and — no. No more. Go find out for yourself.”
Jeff Smith -- San Diego Reader

“Brian Redfern’s scenic design mostly consists of Lane’s picturesque household. It serves as a metaphor for the doctor. While she wants her place to appear perfect, her personal life is a mess. That might sound heavy handed, but it is visually clever.”
David Dixon – San Diego Story

“…pristine white home (beautiful design by Brian Redfern)”
Pat Launer – Times of San Diego

"Brian Redfern’s versatile scenic design accommodates everything from Lane’s sterile house to the balcony of Ana’s voluptuous seaside home to Charles’ lonely Alaskan trek in search of the elusive Yew tree that will cure his beloved."
Charlene Baldridge